Baby Goat With Striking Human Features, Born In Malaysia

It seems like bizarre things are happening around us almost every day. From UFO sightings and alien encounters, to unusual diseases and abnormal hybrids, the world indeed has lots of secrets still waiting to be uncovered.

Another example of these bizarre incidents took place in Kota Tinggi, Malaysia. On April 25, a report came regarding a man who discovered something odd about the stillborn baby of his mother goat. According to him, the baby goat had stunningly human-like features. Its face, nose, and short legs all resembled a human infant's body, yet covered in fur. 

The Malaysia's Veterinary Services Department laboratory is currently trying to figure out the reason behind the dead baby goat's odd features. 

Scientists have been looking into the possibility of bestiality, where a human could had possibly violated the mother goat. However, the female goat's egg is very unlikely to bind with a human sperm due to gametic isolation, so this human-goat hybridization is far from possible.

For the meantime, we have to wait for the final results of the examination on the dead baby goat, which will be available in roughly two to four weeks.

Below is a video uploaded on Youtube by TomoNews. 
Watch for more info:

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